Anusara Marga - The Path of Anusara
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2nd Edition Oct 2018

Dear Licensed Anusara Teacher,

The time has come to receive a shower of energy from our 2nd issue of "Anusara Marga - The Path of Anusara Yoga",  The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga’s online quarterly magazine.

Anusara Marga is a tool for deeper connection to the source of the teachings and among Anusara teachers living in every corner of this magnificent planet.

Anusara Marga provides a thrilling opportunity to read stories from around the world, deepen our knowledge and experience subtle teachings from our wise community.

Now is a perfect moment to connect again to our Hearts through the  Heart of Anusara Event Series; a continuous thread between our hearts and the pulsating Heart of the Anusara teachings, wherever we are.

Connect to our global Anusara community with this calendar of regional events or create a gathering of your own with the help of our event production guide. Samavesha, our annual international gathering, is now joined by a vast array of local events around the world.

Here is our calendar:

Let’s share the light of the Heart wherever you are,

Laura Casini
Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher
Chief Editor Anusara Marga
Member, ASHY Board of Directors

Dvadashanta meditation
By Rudrani Farbman
Meditation changes how we experience daily life. It is akin to waking up out of a dream into inner freedom while still having to navigate within that dream!...   CLICK HERE FOR YOUR MEDITATION!

Balancing the Pelvis in Adho Mukha Svanasana
By Dr. Greg Lewerenz, DAHM, RYT, C-IAYT

"Balance" of the pelvis is achieved when everything is in its rightful place: the bones are situated so the muscles attached to them function as they were designed... READ MORE HERE

What we have in common and our challenges.
By Jackie Prete
Certified Anusara yoga Teacher Trainer
What do the world-wide community of Anusara yoga students and teachers have in common? In a time when there is so much emphasis on what separates us... READ MORE HERE

Dear Anusara Licensed Teachers,

This is a magical time of year as the seasons change. In the Northern hemisphere, we are moving rapidly toward Autumn, while those in the Southern hemisphere are moving toward Springtime...
Social Media Marketing - Beyond fancy Asana pictures

By Bianca Fritz
Anusara Elements™ Teacher
In general, perception social media profiles of yogis show young, beautiful bodies photographed in the most athletic Asanas. It is no wonder so many yoga teachers turn away... READ MORE WITH BIANCA HERE!


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